Biosysteme AG, a Swiss company, products manufactured in Switzerland
Biosysteme AG, a Swiss company, products manufactured in Switzerland

Our mission: Health has priority

A balanced diet is crucial for the human body and the immune system. But during stressful periods of everyday life, many people turn to unhealthy convenience foods that are low in nutrients, high in calories and far too heavily salted. This can lead to symptoms ranging from fatigue and exhaustion to the onset of disease.

With Biosysteme food supplements, we want to help you organise your everyday life in a healthy and balanced way, despite the hectic pace and lack of time. Our products reliably supply your body with all important micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals and thus strengthen your immune system. Because we are convinced: your health has priority, because your body is precious.

Biosysteme AG : Our mission : Health has priority

We focus on natural health

We focus on natural health and combine the power of nature with state-of-the-art technology. Our food supplements are therefore full of vital energy and are based on the latest research findings. Because we are convinced that the path to health and a vital life leads through nature.

Our range includes a wide selection of high-dose products, such as drinks or supplements in the form of capsules or liquid vitamins. And we plan to expand our portfolio in the future to include cosmetic products. We place particular emphasis on high bioavailability to ensure that the body can easily absorb the valuable nutrients in their natural form.

Our philosophy is “nature meets science”. That’s why we only use pure natural raw materials and study-based effects of vitamins, minerals and trace elements for our quality products. Best of all, all our supplements are made from 100% natural ingredients. What are you waiting for? Go for natural well-being with Biosysteme!

Biosysteme AG We focus on natural health
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